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2012 Perennial Youth Business Competition

Due to increased interest from students outside of the Washington DC area, we have expanded the Perennial Youth Business competition to include students from Maryland and Virginia as well as from Washington, DC.

Calling All Young Entrepreneurs

Are you a Washington, DC, Maryland, or Virginia resident enrolled in high school or a high school equivalency program? Do you have a fantastic idea for a business that you'd love to start if you could get some seed money? Here's a chance to put your ideas into action! Perennial, a Washington, DC based family of businesses focused on government relations, law, and sports and entertainment, is giving 10 emerging entrepreneurs $1,000 each in seed money to start or expand their own businesses. Applications are due by 11:59 pm, May 25, 2012. In late May, twenty applicants will be invited to participate in the competition semifinals: a 6 minute "elevator pitch" to a panel of judges representing a wide range of industries. In early June, 2012, ten winners will then be selected based on their elevator pitch scores and the strength of their total applications. Winners, or winning teams will be awarded $1,000 each at a banquet in late June, 2012. Teams are encouraged to apply, and businesses of all types are welcome! Click the link below to start your application today!!

There are two ways to apply: as an individual which means you plan and run the business yourself, or as a team where you plan and run the business with a team of equal partners. Both groups are encouraged to apply. Prizes will be awarded to the business: $1,000 goes to the winning business, regardless of if it's an individual or team.


Ten years ago, Lamell McMorris moved to Washington, DC to establish what he hoped would become one of the most respected government relations firms in the city: Perennial Strategy Group. Today, what started as Lamell, a Rolodex, a lot of determination, and a high school intern has evolved into Perennial Strategy Group, a thriving government relations firm, Perennial Law Practice, which focuses on the entertainment, sports and media industries, and Perennial Sports and Entertainment, a full service operation that manages some of the nation's top athletes.

Perennial's success has been driven by the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, and to celebrate 10 years of putting great ideas into motion, founder and CEO Lamell McMorris is pleased to announce the 2012 Perennial Youth Entrepreneurship Competition. This competition, open to all DC residents who are high school students or are enrolled in a high school equivalency program, seeks to reward 10 great business owners or start ups with $1,000 each to move their ideas from the drawing board to the marketplace. Apply today!