Diversity Management & Corporate Social Responsibility Forecasting

Perennial has earned a national reputation for counseling local, national, and international clients on a full range of diversity matters and corporate social responsibility forecasting.

Our government relations and public affairs practice includes professionals from several disciplines who have assisted Fortune 500 companies, business associations, federal and local governments, and numerous women- and minority owned businesses with understanding current issues on diversity and how such issues impact business operations.  Our firm helps craft Corporate Social Responsibility plans that enable clients to address impending and existing issues with diversity.  We also develop strategies to proactively ensure that diversity needs are met.

Clients seeking diversity management and Corporate Social Responsibility Forecasting services engage us because of our longstanding relationships with ethnic and social advocacy groups and the multidisciplinary approach we take to meet our clients’ needs.  Our staff routinely partners with third-party groups and professionals in various disciplines, such as attorneys, economists, accountants, clergy, and celebrities.  These third-party groups are experts in various issue areas and provide additional access to opinion leaders and national figures.  These relationships are vital as we work to develop strategies and policy recommendations to meet our clients’ specialized needs.